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Configuring Your Email After Your Account Is Upgraded To Google

Configuring your Email client to send/receive StarBand.Net Email powered by Google.

To continue using your Email client (such as Outlook Express) to send and receive email using your StarBand.net email account there are several changes which must be made.
Rememberyour email addresses have not changed. Only the mail system used to send and deliver your StarBand email has.
Required Changes
To make your mail client compatible with StarBand.net via Gmail:
1. Change your POP server to: pop.gmail.com
2. Change your SMTP server to : smtp.gmail.com
3. Enable SSL (Secure Connection) on POP (Incoming Mail)
4. Enable SSL (Secure Connection) on SMTP (Outgoing Mail)

If your password is up to date these changes will allow you to continue using your Email client to send and receive mail.
For a more detailed configuration of various Email clients visit:


Remember.use your MemberName@StarBand.net address everywhere an email address is required.


New Google Features!

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Fair Access Policy (FAP)

What is the FAP and why does it exist ?
The goal of the Fair Access Policy is to help ensure that all StarBand customers receive a high quality of service. By monitoring and regulating bandwidth consumption according to consumption levels specified in the company's AUPs and FAPs, StarBand will help improve the network for everyone.


Protect your computer from viruses

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